Labor Party of the United States

National Secretary:

Frank J. Esper


National Chairman:



Editor, New Majority:

Robert M. Buck


Farmer-Labor Party of the United States

National Secretary:

Jay G. Brown


National Chairman:

John H. Walker


Editor, New Majority:

Robert M. Buck


National Executive Committee (7):

William H. Johnston (District of Columbia)

M. Toscan Bennett (Connecticut)

William Kohn (New York)

John Fitzpatrick (Illinois)

H. Rose Brock (Michigan)

Max S. Hayes (Ohio)

John C. Kennedy (Washington)



-- Elected July 1923 --

The July 1923 Convention of the Farmer-Labor Party established the Federated Farmer-Labor Party of the United States.

* - believed to be a member of the Workers Party of America. Amter in a letter to the Presidium of the CI dated Sept. 24, 1923, indicates that "the National council of the Federated Party contains three party members and one sympathizer." [f. 515, op. 1, d. 175, l. 83.]


National Secretary:

Joseph Manley * -- Chicago, IL


National Chairman:

William Bouck (sympathetic to WPA)


1st Vice-Chairman:

W.H. Green (WPA sympathizer)


2nd Vice-Chairman:

F.H. Shoemaker


Executive Council (7)

(Elected by the National Executive Committee)

Anna M. Brady

James Campbell *

W.H. Green (WPA sympathizer)

John C. Kennedy

Joseph Manley *

George M. Tries

O.H. Wangerin *


National Executive Committee (34)

Those listed in italics do not represent their international organizations but rather local organizations supporting the FFLP.


S. Alanne (Cooperative Organizations)

E. Backus (Non-Partisan League of California)

Anna M. Brady (Non-Partisan League of South Dakota)

William Bouck (Western Progressive Farmers' League)

Mary B. Brite (Farmer-Labor Party of Ohio)

Alexander Boyd (Fairmont [WV] Central Labor Council)

Anthony Capraro (Amalgamated Clothing Workers)

James Campbell (Buffalo Trades and Labor Council) *

I.L. Davidson (Internatonal Ladies Garment Workers Union)

William Z. Foster (Brotherhood of Railway Carmen of America) *

H.L. Franklin (WV State Federation of Labor)

David A. Gorman (Labor Party of Los Angeles)

W.H. Green (Progressive Party of Nebraska) *

C.E. Hoebel (Wisconsin Womens' Progressive Association)

C.A. Hathaway (International Association of Machinists) *

M. Jenkins (Independent Workmen's Circle)

John C. Kennedy (Farmer-Labor Party of Washington)

Moritz J. Loeb (Miscellaneous Crafts, Chicago) *

Ludwig Lore (Workmen's Sick and Death Benefit Society) *

Noah London (Independent Workmen's Circle) *

Joseph Manley (Workers Party of America) *

F.W. McKee (Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers)

James McCullen (United Mine Workers of America)

Thomas Meyerscough (United Mine Workers of America) *

C.E. Ruthenberg (Workers Party of America) *

J.W. Rasmiller (Order of Railway Conductors)

Richard Swift (Farmer-Labor Party of Illinois)

I.G. Scott (Socialist Party of Minnesota)

Franklin Shoemaker (Farmer-Labor Publishing Co.)

C.J. Stevens (Farmer-Labor Party of Kentucky)

George M. Tries (Detroit Federation of Labor)

O.H. Wangerin (Minnesota Railroad Shop Crafts Legislative Committee) *

Harold M. Ware (United Farmers' Educational League, North Dakota) *

W.E. Zeuch (Non-Partisan League of Wisconsin)



-- Elected June 1924 --

* - known to be a member of the Workers Party of America.


Chairman of National Executive Committee:

Alexander Howat *


Secretary of National Executive Committee:

Clarence Hathaway *


National Executive Committee (7):

(Elected by the National Committee)


Alice Lorraine Daly

Clarence Hathaway *

Alexander Howat *

Alfred Knutson *

William Mahoney

Joseph Manley *

Scott Wilkins *


National Committee (55):

(Elected by the Convention)