Founding Members of


Convention was held Sept. 1-7, 1919 in Chicago, IL

The total number of delegates was variously reported as 137 and 138.

The names of 127 Regular delegates, 1 Alternate, and 5 without state identification appear here.

Members of the Michigan Minority group denoted by MICH.



M.J. Golos [Los Angeles, Russian]

K. Kleingal [San Francisco]

Irene Smith [Los Angeles] (* withdrew to join CLP convention)



A.V. Bartulis

D. Bulyk

P. Cooks

Hyman J. Costrell [Jewish Federation]

J.A. Gambos

H. Law



Harry Anderson [Rockford] MICH.

E. Bolcheunas [Cook Co., Lithuanian]

Fred Bulwan [Cook Co., German]

Isaac E. Ferguson [Cook Co., Anglo]

F.G. Harrison [Evanston]

E.B. Hewlett [Rockford]

S. Janulis [Moline, Lithuanian]

S.A. Kopnagel [Cook Co., Russian] -- Chair of Resolutions Committee, on Credentials Committee

Joseph Kowalski [Cook Co., Polish]

J.R. Minewich [Chicago Heights]

George Selakevich [Cook Co., Croatian]

Alexander Stoklitsky [Cook Co., Russian]

G. Shklar [Cook Co.]

D.W. Spiro [Cook Co.]

Joseph V. Stilson [Cook Co., Lithuanian] -- Chair of Credentials Committee

Harry M. Wicks [Cook Co., Anglo] MICH.



Steve Benkowich [Gary]

Michael Bolic [Whiting]

Alex Gromaduck [Indiana Harbor]

John Kurpeikis [Clinton, Lithuanian]

N. Nagorowe [Gary, Russian] <----HE WAS A DEPT. OF JUSTICE SPY

John Schodel [Ft. Wayne]

D.C. Whiteneck [Wabash]



Osadohy [Kansas City]



D. Zimmerman [Baltimore]



John J. Ballam [Anglo, of Latvian descent]

Chester Bixby

Samuel Bramhall

Pascal P. Cosgrove [Anglo]

G. Galley

Charles Jansen

Frank Mack

John Schwartz [Boston, Latvian]

Thomas Shisky [Boston, Latvian]

[Ms.] Marion E. Sproules [Anglo]

T. Titorchuk



Dennis E. Batt [Detroit, Anglo] MICH.

A. Biegelman [Detroit, Jewish]

M.V. Breitmeyer MICH.

J.K. Danta MICH.

Daniel Elbaum [Detroit, Polish] -- on Credentials Committee

F.O. Foss

D.E. Earley MICH.

George Eastman MICH.

A. Goblin

August Herman MICH.

John Keracher [Detroit, Scottish] MICH.

Frank Jocionis

Oakley C. Johnson [Anglo] MICH. -- on Rules & Procedure Committee

William Krispenz MICH.

Al Renner [Anglo] MICH.

Carlton Talbott MICH.



Clara Strong Broms

Charles Dirba [Latvian]

Alex Georgian [Minneapolis, Russian] -- on Rules & Procedure Committee

N. Holm

Andrew Koroluk

Joseph Ungar



Henry M. Tichenor [St. Louis] (* withdrew to join CLP convention)



J. Dudinsky [Essex Co.]

Christ Mandaw [Essex Co.]

B. Krasauskas [Elizabeth, Lithuanian]

John E. Klawin [Passaic Co.]

A. Rogozek [Hudson Co.]

Alvin Rogozik [Bayonne]

Semen Semenoff [S. River, Russian]



George Askenuzi [Russian Revolutionary Org. of NY]

Louis A. Baum [Bronx]

Alex Bittelman [Russian Revolutionary Org. of NY, Jewish Fed.]

Carl Brodsky [Local Greater NY]

Joseph B. Brodsky [Local Greater NY]

Charles Brower [Local Kings Co. Left Wing]

Max Cohen [Local Greater NY]

Louis C. Fraina [Local Greater NY]

H. Hiltzik [Russian Revolutionary Org. of NY, Jewish Fed.] -- on Rules & Procedure Committee

Fannie Horowitz [Local Greater NY]

Nicholas Hourwich [Russian Revolutionary Org. of NY]

Irwin E. Klein [Local Yonkers]

John Komerowski [Local Rochester]

J.J. Kravsevich [Russian Revolutionary Org. of NY]

Paul H. Ladan [Ukrainian Branch of NY]

Edward I. Lindgren [Local Kings Co] (* withdrew to join CLP convention)

William Leslie [Local Buffalo] MICH. -- on Rules & Procedure Committee

Jay Lovestone [Bronx, Anglo of Jewish descent]

Meyer Lunin [Russian Revolutionary Org. of NY] -- on Credentials Committee

S. Miller [Russian Revolutionary Org. of NY]

E. Missin [Russian Revolutionary Org. of NY]

Sam Nessin [Local Kings Co. Left Wing]

Maurice L. Paul [Local Queens Co.]

Charles M. O'Brien [Local Rochester] MICH.

Arthur Panesik [Local Binghampton]

Rubin [Bronx ] -- ALTERNATE

Frederick Schuman [Local Buffalo] MICH.

P. Sparer [Local Kings Co. Left Wing] -- Chair of Young Peoples Communist League at the Convention.

Rose Pastor Stokes [Local Greater NY, Anglo of Jewish descent]

George A. Till [Local Buffalo] MICH.

Oscar Tyverovsky [Russian Revolutionary Org. of NY]

Morris Zucker [Local KIngs Co.] -- on Rules & Procedure Committee (* withdrew to join CLP convention)



Julius Daubaras [Local Cuyahoga Co., Lithuanian]

Guy H. Hulse [Local Galion]

Anthony Patuk [Local Cuyahoga Co., Ukrainian]

C.E. Ruthenberg [Local Cuyahoga Co., Anglo] -- on Rules & Procedure Committee; Chair of Constitution Committee

Bernard Tamarkin [Local Cuyahoga Co.] MICH.

Scott Wilkins [Local Lima]



R. Alexander [Local Philadelphia]

Juozas Baltrusaitis [Local Pittsburgh, Lithuanian] -- on Credentials Committee

Anthony Bankauskas [Local Monessen, Lithuanian]

William G. Doll [Local Coatsville]

A. Forsinger [Local Philadelphia, Latvian] -- on Credentials Committee

D.G. Jones [Local Philadelphia] -- on Rules & Procedure Committee

K.B. Karosas [Local Philadelphia, Lithuanian]

M.L. Olkin [Local Philadelphia, Ukrainian] -- on Credentials Committee

A.A. Rosenthal [Local Philadelphia]

Thimothy Sokol [Local Pittsburgh]

E.N. Yeskevich [Local Schuylkil Co., Lithuanian Branch]



Dobienko [Providence]

Petrov [Providence]



P.R. Pratt [Local Pleasant Valley]



Joseph A. Dementis [Local Milwaukee] - Lithuanian

L.Z. Rethy [Local Kenosha]



Glauberman -- on Education Committee

Irvin Klein -- on Education Committee

John Komorowsky -- on Education Committee

Solomon -- on Education Committee

John Sungail -- on Education Committee



Source: Report of Credentials Committee read at Convention by Joseph Stilson, reports of Agent James O. Peyronnin, BoI/DoJ Investigative Files, NARA M-1085, reel 931, file 313846.