The 2nd Convention of the United Communist Party [Kingston, NY: Dec. 24, 1920-Jan. 2, 1921 passed a resolution declaring the intention to establish a Communist youth organization, to be an underground organization organized according to the group system. A special leaflet addressed to the "Revolutionary Young Workers of America" was prepared by this organization, as well as a small pamphlet called The Young Communist International: What It Is and What It Seeks to Accomplish.





Official Organ and Other Periodicals

The official organ of the Young Workers League was The Young Worker, which was initiated in February 1922 under the name of Youth. The name was changed effective with its second issue. The publication began as a monthly magazine with a cover price of 10 cents, before switching to a broadsheet newspaper format and moving to a twice-monthly publication schedule effective with the issue of Jan. 1, 1924. The paper moved to a weekly publication schedule effective with the February 28, 1925 issue. The broadsheet newspaper consisted of 4 pages and bore a cover price of 5 cents.

The Junior department of the YWL published a magazine for children called The Young Comrade, beginning circa October 1923. Max Shachtman wes the initial editor of this publication.

In addition, the following periodicals were available for sale through the YWL:

Children's Bulletin, YCI. (magazine) (10)

Correspondence of the Young Communist International. (magazine) (5)

International of Youth. (magazine) (10)


From Jan. 1925

YCI Review. (magazine) (10)




The YWL produced pamphlets under its own moniker as well as distributing the publications of the Young Communist International.

1922-23 Publications

Child of the Workers. (15)

Fundamental Problems of the Young Communist International. (15)

Letters of Rosa Luxemburg. (20)

Minutes YCI Congress. (50)

Program of the Young Communist International. (15)

Theses and Resolutions, Second National Convention, Young Workers League. (published by YWLA -- 15)

Theses and Resolutions, Third Congress, Young Communist International. (15)

Gannes and Oswald: Youth Under Americanism. (published by YWLA -- 15)

Richard Gyptner: From Isolation to the Masses. (published by EC YCI -- 15)

Hoernle: Manual for Leaders of Children's Groups. (published in Berlin by EC of YCI -- 15)

Trotsky: My Flight from Siberia. (25)


1924 Publications

The March of the Workers (songbook) (Large Edition, with Music $1.00; Small Edition, words only 25.)

Out of the Darkness: An Appeal to All Young Miners. (published by YWLA Dec. 1924 -- 5)

Who Owns "Nabisco." (published by YWLA Dec. 1924 -- 5)

(Third pamphlet targeted to young workers in one specific industry)

Luxemburg: Letters from Prison. (50)


1925 Publications

Instructions for the Building of Nuclei. (Jan. 1925 --15)

Millions and Misery -- A Tale of the Mail-Order Industry. (Jan. 1925 -- 5)


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