The offficial publisher of the Trotskyist movement was Pioneer Publishers, with offices at 100 Fifth Avenue, New York City. Pioneer had a number of titles in print which preceded the formation of the SWP on December 31, 1937.

Beginning in the summer of 1937, following the expulsion of the Left Wing from the Socialist Party of America, the proto-SWP restarted their weekly newspaper in New York, The Socialist Appeal, the editor of which was Max Shachtman. The paper went to twice-weekly publication starting Feb. 1, 1939. This change was short-lived, as the paper had reverted to weekly publication by early 1940. The name of this publication was hanged back to The Militant early in 1941.

From January 1938, the party published a monthly theoretical magazine, The New International. Editors were James Burnham and Max Shachtman, and the Business Manager was Martin Abern. The party was also close to the independent left wing literary magazine Partisan Review at the time of its launching in 1938.

The SWP seems to have operated the Labor Book Store, located at 28 E 12th Street, New York, from 1938. In the summer of 1939, the location was moved to 116 University Place in New York City, an office shared with The Socialist Appeal.



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Johnson, J.R. Labor and the Second World War. 5¢ (December 1939)

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In May 1940, following the departure of New International editors James Burnham and Max Shachtman and Business Manager Martin Abern from the SWP to form the Workers Party (taking with them the name of the old theoretical publication), the Socialist Workers Party launched a new theoretical magazine, entitled The Fourth International. The editorial board of the new monthly magazine was: James Cannon, Albert Goldman, Joseph Hansen, Felix Morrow, and George Novack. The General Manager was George Clarke. The SWP retained the office space at 116 University Place, New York City as the headquarters for its new magazine, as well as the newspaper The Socialist Appeal.


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Phonograph Records

Trotsky, Leon. Trotsky Speaks. $5.00 (two 78 rpm discs, message to American comrades made on the 10th anniversary of the founding of the 4th international; October 1940)



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