The organization maintained its office at 2107 Washington St., Boston. Editorial address for the group's official organ, The Internationalist, was Box 23, Roxbury, MA. The group held its first meeting in Boston in November 1916 and had decided upon a set of provisional officers, to serve "until their successors are chosen" by the first of 1917.


-- Provisional Officers of 1917 --

National Secretary: C.W. Fitzgerald

Assistant Secretary: Alfred S. Edwards

National Treasurer: Louis Velleman

Editor: Alfred S. Edwards


National Committee (7):

Simon Bergis

C.W. Fitzgerald

J. Francis Mullen

J.A. Perry

Louis Velleman

John D. Williams

A.S. Zartarian


Press Committee (5):

Howard A. Gibbs

F. Rosin

S.J. Rutgers

John D. Williams

A.S. Zartarian