Delegates to the 1920 Convention of the Socialist Party of America

Convention was held May 8-14, 1920, at Finnish Socialist Hall, New York City.

This list includes 161 delegates representing 31 states. American born unless noted. Also included are 5 fraternal delegates.

There were 120 delegates recorded as present and 40 recorded as absent when the convention was called to order.



Kate Styles



Elvina S. Beals

Thomas F. Feeley

Cameron H. King

Lena Morrow Lewis

Lillian B. Symes



C.C. Chadwick



Helen D.H. Manfreda

Jasper McLevy

Charles T. Peach -- country of birth: England

Martin F. Plunkett



William H. Conner


District of Columbia

Joseph H. McIntyre



Charles Weintraub



Charles H. Beranck -- country of birth: Bohemia (Czech)

Bernard "Barney" Berlyn -- country of birth: Netherlands

Fahle Burman -- country of birth: Sweden

J.E. Deverall -- country of birth: Ireland

Adolph Dreifuss

J. Louis Engdahl

H.H. Franks

Samuel Holland -- country of birth: Russia

Robert H. Howe

Charles F. Johnson -- country of birth: Sweden

Charles Kolarik -- country of birth: Bohemia (Czech)

George Koop -- country of birth: Germany

William F. Kruse

Andrew Lafin

Joseph Novak -- country of birth: Bohemia (Czech)

Irwin St. John Tucker

F.W. Wenschoff

Oliver C. Wilson

George W. Wright



Ross D. Brown

S.C. Garrison

A.J. Hart

John Lewis

Madge P. Stephens



Fred Feuchter

C.A. Morrow



John Friggeri -- country of birth: Italy

Ross Magill



Martin A. Brinkman



Ernest B. Fiedler

Samuel M. Neistadt

William A. Toole



Victor Annala -- country of birth: Finland

Joseph Baerak

Charles J. Brandt

Thomas H. Fair

William R. Henry

Walter S. Hutchins

William A. King

Peter Kostoff -- country of birth: Bulgaria

George Makela -- country of birth: Finland

Lauri Mollanen -- country of birth: Finland

George R. Roewer

Onni Saari -- country of birth: Finland



Thoams H. Coxe

Lazarus S. Davidow

Alexander Riebe -- country of birth: Germany

Arthur Rubenstein

David Sloan -- country of birth: Poland



A.R. Gisslen -- country of birth: Sweden

Theodore E. Jansen -- country of birth: Norway

Carl O. Parsons

J.F. Soltis

D. Shier

L. Van Den Bergh -- country of birth: Netherlands



M.M. Aldrich

William M. Brandt

G.A. Hoehn

Caleb Lipscomb


New Hampshire

Francis T. Butler -- country of birth: England

John Wulf


New Jersey

George Bauer

Stephen Bircher

Nicholas Faggella -- country of birth: Italy

P.O. Harkins

Frank Hubschmitt

Sarah W. Laughlin

Edward H. Mead


New York

James Battistoni (Buffalo, NY) -- country of birth: Italy

A. Beckermann -- country of birth: England

John Bellingham -- country of birth: Scotland

Fred Bennetts

S. John Block

Joseph D. Cannon

Edward F. Cassidy

August Claessens -- country of birth: Russia

Walter M. Cook

Julius Gerber -- country of birth: Russia

Benjamin Glassberg -- country of birth: Poland

Morris Hillquit -- country of birth: Latvia (Russia)

William Hilsdorf

A.W. Josephson

William Karlin -- country of birth: Russia

Algernon Lee

Meyer London -- country of birth: Russia

Matthew J. Maxian

James Oneal

Moses Oppenheimer -- country of birth: Germany

Samuel Orr -- country of birth: Russia

Jacob Panken -- country of birth: Ukraine

Charles Ress

Abraham Shiplacoff -- country of birth: Russia

Charles Solomon

Irving M. Weiss (Buffalo, NY) -- country of birth: Hungary

William Wolfson



J.L. Bachman

John P. Baker

Dan P. Farrell

Frank B. Hamilton

Louis H. Neff

Joseph W. Sharts

John G. Willert

Sidney Yellen



Johan Hagel -- country of birth: Germany

Freda Hogan

J.L. Langston

H.M. Sinclair

Mrs. Oles Stofer



Toivo A. Johnson -- country of birth: Finland



Leon Arkin

Cora M. Bixler

Joseph E. Cohen

George Coleman

Edward W. Hayden

H.W. Longemans

Charles W. Rhodes

Henry W. Schlagel

Charles T. Schenck

William G. Smith

J. Henry Stump

William Thompson

Birch Wilson

Julius Weisberg


Rhode Island

Ernest Sherwood -- country of birth: England



G.J. Braun



J.D. Sayers



W.B. Murphy



Alfred Hautamaki -- country of birth: Finland


West Virginia

C.W. Kirkendall



Severi Allane -- country of birth: Finland

Oscar Ameringer -- country of birth: Germany

Heinrich Bartel -- country of birth: Germany

Victor L. Berger -- country of birth: Austria

Meta Bochert

Robert Buech

George Eaglehilt -- country of birth: Denmark

Max Eisner -- country of birth: Germany

George Hampel

Herman Kent -- country of birth: Germany

Albert Keuther -- country of birth: Germany

George W. Lippert

Edmund T. Melms

F.B. Metcalfe

William F. Quick

G.H. Thompson

Samuel S. Walkup

Rae Weaver



Fraternal Delegates (voice, no vote)

J.B. Bailin -- Workmen's Circle

William Hartley -- Brotherhood of Painters and Decorators

Morris Kaufman -- International Fur Workers Union

A.J. Muste -- Amalgamated Textile Workers

James P. Warbasse -- Cooperative League of America




source: "Complete List of the Delegates Attending the Socialist National Convention Here," New York Times, May 12, 1920, pg. 3. / "Socialists for Constitutional Methods," The New Age [Buffalo], May 13, 1920, pp. 1, 4.