Delegates to the 1919 Emergency Convention of the Socialist Party of America

Convention was held August 30 - September 5, 1919 at Chicago, IL




Fannie Crowell -- went home prior to the Sept. 2 roll call

W.K. Tennyson



Max Bedacht -- seated after challenge, refused seat and left convention

James Dolsen -- seated after challenge, refused seat and left convention

Irene Smith -- seated after challenge, refused seat and left convention



H. Interman

Fred Underhill



Harry L. Edlin

John P. McCarthy

Martin F. Plunkett [member of Resolutions Committee]

Charles T. Peach [on 5 member committee investigating allegation that state delegations were "padded"] -- went home prior to the Sept. 2 roll call



Beatrice M. Sedgwick -- left convention


District of Columbia

Mrs. E.S. Cohen



Henry Askeli

Dr. O.J. Brown -- left convention

N. Juel Christensen -- left convention

J. Louis Engdahl [member of Resolutions Committee]

L.K. England -- left convention

Adolph Germer

W.G. Hammond

Robert Howe

Charles Krumbein -- left convention

William F. Kruse

Andrew Lafin

William Lugge -- left convention

O. Alfred Olson -- left convention

Edgar Owens -- left convention

Karl F. M. Sandberg -- left convention

Perry H. Shipman

Dan Slinger -- never attended

Seymour Stedman [member of Resolutions Committee]

Willaim Stoffels -- never attended

F.W. Wenschoff

Oliver C. Wilson



George A. Cameron -- left convention

Ross D. Brown

Morris Friedman -- left convention

William H. Henry [member of Resolutions Committee]

Lilith Martin

Joseph Zimmerman -- left convention



C.A. Morrow -- went home prior to the Sept. 2 roll call

George J. Peck



Ida A. Beloof [member of Committee on Constitution]

Gertrude Harman -- left convention



Emil Von Allman -- left convention

E.B. Austin, Jr. -- left convention



William W. Ayer -- never attended



Frederick Haller

Samuel M. Neistadt [member of Resolutions Committee]



Victor Annalla

Joseph Bearak

Abraham Boxer

Jacob Goldberg

Peter Kastoff (Springfield)

George Makela

Louis Marcus

George E. Roewer, Jr. [member of Resolutions Committee]

Harry S. Victerson

Lewis Victor



Nestor Anderson -- never attended

T.H. Coxe -- never attended

I. Finkelstein

Lazarus Davidow

Henry Lipscone

A. Rubenstein [on 5 member committee investigating allegation that state delegations were "padded"]

C.G. Taylor



William Brandt (St. Louis) [member of Committee on Constitution]

G.A. Hoehn (St. Louis) [member of Resolutions Committee]

Jacob Kasener

Caleb Lipscomb (Alternate) [assumed E.J. Wilcox's vacant position the morning of Sept. 2]

E.J. Wilcox -- attended first 2 days, briefly attended Left Wing gathering and was barred return by the MO delegation, then went home. Replaced by Alternate Lipscomb on Sept. 2.



A.H. Floaten



C.C. Mickey

J.E. Rutledge -- left convention


New Hampshire

Francis T. Butler

Fred B. Chase


New Jersey

Valentine Bausch (Jersey City)

Steven Bircher (Newark) -- left convention, apparently went home, on Sept. 1

Fred Harwood (Newark) -- challenged, rejected, reconsidered, wound up going home after Sept. 1

Milo C. Jones (Newark) [member of Committee on Constitution]

Frederick Krafft (Ridgefield)

Henry Petzilt -- left convention

Patrick L. Quinlan (Jersey City)

Rose Weiss (Newark) [on 5 member committee investigating allegation that state delegations were "padded"]

Louis F. Wolff -- left convention


New York

James Battistoni (Buffalo) [alternate, sat in seat of Joesph Collumb]

Abraham Beckerman (New York City) [on 5 member committee investigating allegation that state delegations were "padded"]

David P. Berenberg (Brooklyn) [member of Resolutions Committee]

S. John Block (New York City) [member of Resolutions Committee]

A.C. Breckenridge (Binghampton)

Alexander Braunstein

August Claessens (New York City)

Walter M. Cook (Bronx Co.)

J.W. Dennis (Rochester)

Max Gelsler (Bronx Co.)

Julius Gerber (New York City) [member of Committee on Constitution]

Benjamin Glassberg (Brooklyn)

Wilho Hedman (New York City)

William Karlin (New York City)

William Kohler (Astoria, Queens Co.)

Algernon Lee (New York City) [member of Resolutions Committee]

Max Lulow

Bertha H. Mailly (New York City)

Theresa Malkiel (New York City)

Charles W. Noonan (Schenectady) [member of Committee on Constitution]

James Oneal (Brooklyn)

Samuel Orr (Bronx Co.)

Jacob Panken (New York City) [member of Resolutions Committee]

Dr. Wilhelmus B. Robinson (Brooklyn)

Charles H. Roth (Buffalo)

Jacob B. Salutsky (Bronx Co.)

Fred Sanders (Syracuse)

James C. Sheahan (Albany)

Abraham I. Shiplacoff (Brooklyn)

Charles Solomon (Brooklyn)

Usher Solomon (New York City)

Alexander Trachtenberg [alternate, sat in Matilda Lee's seat]

Louis Waldman (New York City)

Hezekiah D. Wilcox (Elmira)

Eugene Wood (Northport, Suffolk Co.) [chairman of Press Committee]




J.E. Bartos

E.L. Moore [member of Resolutions Committee]

Patrick S. Nagel

M. Shadid [member of Committee on Constitution]

Clara Smith

Olive Stauber



Lauri Moilanen

Victor Saulit -- left convention

H. Tolbert -- left convention

H.S. Warren -- left convention



J. Aeurbach

Cora M. Bixler

Joseph E. Cohen [member of Resolutions Committee]

Oliver G. Crawford

James Downs

William Euler

Edward W. Haydon

John G. Means

----------- Peck

Henry W. Schlegel

Charles Sehl

Charles Selleman

J. Henry Stumpf

David Siegel (Jewish Federation Organizer, Pittsburgh) [alternate for William Van Essen, who went home. Seated morning of Sept. 2]

William J. Van Essen) -- went home prior to the Sept. 2 session, replaced by Alternate Siegel

Burch Wilson [ on 5 member committee investigating allegation that state delegations were "padded"; member of Committee on Constitution]

William J. Wright

Elmer H. Young


Rhode Island

Joseph Coldwell -- left convention

E. Horaceck

James B, Reid -- left convention



---------- Brown [Arrived late and was seated the evening of Sept. 1 as State Secretary of a state with less than 150 members.]



D.H. Lauderdale



E.F. Hyde -- left convention

R.E. Richardson -- left convention


West Virginia

J.H. Snider



Oscar Ameringer (Milwaukee)

Victor L. Berger (Milwaukee) [member of Resolutions Committee]

William Coleman

K.L. DeSombre

John Doerfler, Jr. [member of Committee on Constitution]

Martin Georgensen -- did not attend

Daniel W. Hoan (Milwaukee) [member of Resolutions Committee]

John P. Jensen

Herman F. Marth

Medmund T. Melms

John H. Sims



D.A. Hastings -- did not attend






National Executive Commititee members

George Goebel (Newark, NJ)


Minnesota -- consultative status only, no vote

Samuel Friedman

Andrew Hanson

George Hoffman

H.L. Kammerman

Thomas E. Latimer -- went home

Charles S. Wells


Foreign-Speaking Organizations

Y.H. Halonen (Finnish Federation)

N.F. Holm (Scandinavian Federation) -- left convention

Charles Kolarik (Bohemian [Czech] Federation)

Charles Korenich (Slovak Federation)

John LaDuca (Italian Federation)

Ludwig Lore (German Federation) -- left convention

J. Mill (Jewish Federation)




source: The World [Oakland, CA], whole no. 703 (Sept. 12, 1919) pg. 1, with additions of Coldwell and Goebel based on Taylor's memoir account of the proceedings.