Delegates to the 1879-80 National Convention of the

Socialist Labor Party of North America

Held Dec. 26, 1879 to Jan. 1, 1880 in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania


The gathering was attended by 24 voting delegates as well as representatives of the NEC and Board of Supervision. A 25th voting delegate was elected to the gathering but credentials were denied.



Julius Albert (painter) -- Section San Francisco


August C. Jordan (mechanical engineer) -- Section West Meridan


William Jeffers (wood turner) -- Section Chicago

Albert R. Parsons (printer) -- Section Chicago


August Raiser (shoemaker) -- Section New Orleans


Adam Kehm (shoemaker) -- Section Baltimore


Thomas C. Brophy (salesman) -- Section Boston


Charles Erb (cigar maker) -- Section Detroit


George Winter (cigar maker) -- Section St. Louis

New Jersey

S. Feuerherm (no occupation listed) -- Section Newark

New York

M. Bachman (tailor) -- Section New York City

C.E. Collenburg (painter) -- Section New York City

Joseph Holler (photographer) -- Section Brooklyn

J.W. Jahelka (carpenter) -- Section New York City

P.J. McGuire (piano maker) -- Section Long Island City

Edward Nye (commercial employee) -- Section Albany

J. Salinger (cigar maker) -- Section New York City

William Wagner (cigar maker) -- Section Brooklyn


W.C. Pollner (cigar maker) -- Section Cleveland



E. Guwant (cabinet maker) -- Section Allegheny City

F.W. Hirt (machinist) -- Section Erie

C. Loether (cigar maker) -- Section Pittsburgh

S. Waldman (tailor) -- Section Philadelphia


William Mueller (mason) -- Section Milwaukee


Board of Supervision

Frederick Meiselbach -- Section Newark


National Executive Committee

Philip Van Patten -- Section Cincinnati

Credentials were denied to Calvin A. Light, a printer from Section Indianapolis, on the grounds that he sold the subscription list of his formerly Socialist paper to a new Democratic Party ownership and allowed his name to be used in association with the new publication.



Source: Socialistic Labor Party: Platform, Constitution and Resolutions, Together with a Condensed Report of the Proceedings of the National Convention Held at Allegheny, PA, December 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31, 1879, and January 1, 1880. (Detroit: Socialistic Labor Party: 1880), pp. 2-3.