The Social Democratic Federation began to take concrete shape at a Eastern States Conference of Social Democratic Organizations called by the Socialist Party of Pennsylvania for Feb. 7, 1937. This gathering chose the following slate of temporary officials to serve until the SDF organization could be formally launched at a National Convention to be held at the end of May.

1937 Provisional Officials

Acting National Secretary

James Oneal  (New York)

Provisional National Executive Committee (8)

Morris Berman (xxxx)
Lester C. Coy  (xxxx)
G. August Gerber (New York)
Julius Gerber  (New York)
Algernon Lee (New York)
Edward C. Thompson  (New Jersey)
Wilho Hedman  (MA, Finnish Workers Federation)
Benjamin Gebiner (Jewish Socialist Verbund)

Established at a convention held May 29-31, 1937, a slate of officers was elected to serve a term of one year, at which time a new national convention was to be held. Temporary headquarters for the organization were established in Pittsburgh, with Sarah Limbach serving as temporary National Secretary, with a speedy move to Washington, DC following. Leo Meltzer of Massachusetts was named official National Secretary after the move to Washington.

The first formal National Office of the SDF was located at 814 Albee Building, Washington, DC.

1937-38 Officials

Temporary National Secretary
During brief period of National Headquarters in Pittsburgh

Sarah Limbach (Pennsylvania)

National Secretary
following move of National Headquarters to Washington, DC

Leo Meltzer (Massachusetts)

National Chairman

Jasper McLevy (Connecticut)

National Executive Committee (9)

D. Gertler (Illinois)
Darlington Hoopes (Pennsylvania)
Algernon Lee (New York)
Sarah Limbach (Pennsylvania)
Leo Meltzer (Massachusetts)
S. Neustad (Maryland)
Carl Rhodin (Connecticut)
Edward C. Thompson  (New Jersey)
Louis Waldman (New York)


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