The National Committee for Protection of Foreign Born Workers was established in January of 1923 by the volition of the Workers Party of America. The group was largely a reaction to the offensive of the Republican Congress and White House against immigrant workers, particularly their right to organize and strike.




"Organize National Council for Protection of Foreign Born: News Release from the Workers Party of America Press Service, Jan. 23, 1923." News release from the Workers Party Press Service announcing the formation of a National Council for Protection of the Foreign Born. The new organization had been "initiated" by the Workers Party at its 2nd National Convention, held in December of 1922, according to the press release. A "provisional National Committee" was being established which would "likely" include members of the Farmer-Labor Party, the Trade Union Educational League, the Chicago Federation of Labor, the Minnesota State Federation of Labor, and the Workers Party. In additiion, officials in the Amalgamated Clothing Workers Union had expressed approval of the project and were also anticipated to participate. After the permanent National Council was established "a call will be issued by that body for the organization of local councils in every industrial center of the country," according to a statement. The report includes a short direct quote by William Z. Foster, stating "The proposed laws for registration, fingerprinting, photographing, and punishment of foreign born workers for strike activities are a blow directed at the whole American labor movement. The bosses hope by keeping the foreign workers unorganized through such oppressive measures to weaken the whole organized labor movement."


"The American Foreign-Born Workers," by Clarissa S. Ware [Early 1923] Full text of a pamphlet published early in 1923 by the Workers Party of America. The publication details the demographic composition of the American working class, measures being implemented and contemplated by the capitalist regime against foreign-born workers in America, and announcing the formation of a new mass organization called the "Council for Protection of the Foreign-Born Workers," dedicated to organize the nearly 35% of first- or second-generation Americans and their allies in the labor, labor political, and benefit society movements against the legislative offensive against the foreign-born. A National Committee of the Council for Protection of Foreign-Born Workers containing representatives of national organizations is called for, as well as the formation of Local Councils established on the same basis. The work of this new organization was to be financed through "voluntary contributions from the affiliated organizations," according to the pamphlet. "All the American Workers -- native and foreign-born -- have but one enemy -- the capitalist class that exploits and oppresses them," Ware states, noting that "the executive committee of the capitalist class, the Government" was active in evicting striking foreign-born miners, suppressing the labor movement via the injunction, and sending armed troops against striking foreign textile, mine, and steel workers. "Let there me one mighty army of labor! The United Front of the Workers against the United Front of the Capitalists! One front against the one enemy -- the employinbg class that robs and oppresses all the workers!" the pamphlet concludes.