Official Organs

The journal of the Communist Party of the USA (Majority Group) was a semi-monthly newspaper called The Revolutionary Age. The first issue was dated Nov. 1, 1929. In January of 1932, owing to postal pressure against the newspaper's inflammatory name, the name of the party paper was changed to Workers Age; numbering of the publication was started anew from v. 1, no. 1. The paper was published weekly until termination of the Lovestone organization in January of 1941.

There was also a monthly youth newsletter called Revolutionary Youth and a Jewish organ called The Monthly Jewish Bulletin of the Communist Party of the USA (Majority Group). The party issued internal mimeographed bulletins, such as Where We Stand and The Road to Communism. In 1935-36 the Harlem Section of the Communist Party (Opposition) issued a monthly mimeographed magazine for general circulation entitled The Negro Voice.

The International Communist Opposition, with which the Lovestone organization was affiliated, issued two journals -- both produced and distributed in America. The first was a mimeographed magazine called The Road to Communism, of which at least four issues were published in the mid-1930s. The second was a typset magazine called International Class Struggle, at least two issues of which were published in 1936.



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Where We Stand, Labor's Road Forward: The Program and Policies of the I.L.L.A. (Second Printing) [July 1938]

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There do not seem to have been any full-length books published by the Lovestone group under any of its four organizational names.




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