The official organ of the Communist League of America (Opposition) was a weekly newspaper called The Militant. This publication was published prior to the establishment of the formal organization -- the first issue was published on Nov. 15, 1928, Annual subscriptions cost $2.

The CLA(O) also published a youth publication called Young Spartacus, and papers in Yiddish (Unser Kampf) and Greek (Kommunistis).



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Leon Trotsky: The Permanent Revolution. Max Shachtman, trans. [May 1931] -- hc and paper

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For a New Communist International! A New Communist Party for America! [Sept. 30, 1933 Cannon and Shachtman speeches at Irving Plaza Hall, New York].

May Day ... Mass Meeting: Tuesday, May 1, 1934, at 8 pm. [Meeting at Irving Plaza Hall, New York]