-- Early 1921 --

Chairman: Timothy Healy (President, International Brotherhood of Eccentric & Stationary Firemen)

Vice Chairmen: Jerome T. DeHunt (Brotherhood of Railroad and Steamship Clerks)

Arturo Giovannitti (Secretary, Italian Chamber of Labor)

Sidney Hillman (President, Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America)

William A. Maher (Masters, Mates, and Pilots)

Treasurer: A. Baroff (Sec.-Treas., International Ladies Garment Workers Union

Secretary: Alexander Trachtenberg (Associated Teachers Union)

Executive Committee:

V. Buhr (Brotherhood of Painters and Decorators)

Valentine Bausch (International Association of Machinists)

Alfred Boulton (Central Labor Union of Brooklyn)

J.M. Budish (Cloth Hat and Capmakers Union)

John P. Coughlin (President, Central Labor Union of Brooklyn)

Israel Feinberg (Manager, NY Joint Board, Cloakmakers' Union)

M Feinstone (Secretary, United Hebrew Trades)

Edward I. Hannah (President, Central Federated Union of NY)

Thomas J. Healy (Marine Engineers)

Max Kaufman (President, International Fur Workers Union)

William Kohn (Upholsterers Union)

A. Lefkowitz (Teachers Union)

Jack Melhado (Cigarmakers Union)

John Riley (International Longshoremen's Union)

Edward C. Rybicki (Typographical Union)

Benjamin Schlesinger (President, International Ladies Garment Workers Union)

A. Shiplacoff (Manager, Joint Board, Amalgamated Clothing Workers)

Philip Zausner (Secretary, Brotherhood of Painters and Decorators)


-- From August 1921 --

elected by the Founding Convention of the ALA, NYC, Aug. 1921.


Secretary: Caleb Harrison (Industrial Socialist League)


Executive Board (7):

James P. Cannon (Associated Tailor Clubs)

Michael Dardella (Ukrainian Workers Club)

Caleb Harrison (Industrial Socialist League)

L.E. Katterfeld (National Defense Committee)

Edgar Owens (National Defense Committee)

Dr. Walenka (Friends of Soviet Russia)

William Woodworth (Marxian Educational Society)